Music is life and everybody love to listen music while on the go, in office and even in college and university. Today we are enlisting some best music extensions for Google Chrome users. Here is the list of the top 10 music extensions for chrome that you would love to install.

1. Drumbit:

Drumbit chrome music extensions

Drum Bit is incredibly simple and unique drum loop that allows you to create your own rhythm patterns and save them as a Waveform Audio files WAV.

2. Instant Music:

Instant Music for chrome

Instant Music is the best music player which enables you to pick a genre of your own choice. It is for those people who are too lazy to just sit back and listen.

 3. My Music Cloud:

My Music Cloud chrome

My Music Cloud keep record of all your music and syncs up to almost 250 songs to any connected device.

4. AudioBox:
  AudioBox chrome

The combination of Audiobox app and extension compared all your online music in one place. Now you can create your own simple organised playlists using YouTube, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SoundCloud and many other online services.

5. Scrobbler: Scrobbler

This Scrobbling extension automatically fills your library and updates it with the playlists that you've been playing from your computer. It helps you to rediscover the music you own.

6. Deezer Control:

Deezer Control chrome

Deezer is an ultimate extension which gives you fully control on your your streaming music with popup, hotkeys and notifications for info and playback tools.

7. Music Plus For Google Play:
Music Plus for Google Play Music

Music plus is the Google Play user’s ultimate extension which adds lots of cool stuff to Google Music like artist Bio, lyrics and connection to scrobbling, song downloading etc.

8. Songist:

Songist music player

Songist is music player app that ensures you to play music from your own hard drive or USB storage. Songist is the best for those chrome users who want to listen specific or favorite tracks on a USB or hard drive.

9. Soundtrap:

Soundtrap music app

Soundtrap is currently the hottest music app ever produced in the music industry. It lets you to create your own original music through online by recording vocals, guitars and other music instruments from all over the world.

10. Spotify:

Spotify for Chrome

Spotify is one of the best and most popular music service which gives you access to millions of songs on your tablet or other Android device.

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