The people who work on web are more conscious about their productivity in usage of browsers. For those who use Firefox, we suggest some great add-ons that can assist you in successfully achieving your productivity with your favorite browser.

These addons efficiently accomplish all your task and make you more productive Firefox user.

Tab Tools:

Tab Tools

Following are some tab tools if you want to frequently use tabs for different works.

1- Tile Tabs:

Tile Tabs

Tile Tabs is a great add-on which display your tabs in different tiled layouts. It enables you to work with different tab groups so that you see all of them at same place. You can see all of your tabs in horizontal, vertical or in a grid way as you like.

2- Tab Preview:

Now you can see the page content through this add-on by just moving your mouse cursor over each tab. This is more helpful when you have opened several tabs in your browser.

3- Tab Grenade:

Tab Grenade solved the problem of navigating to required tab from several opened tabs. The add-on puts Puts all your tabs into a list and keep the required off all your previous tabs.

4- ColorfulTabs:

Colorfu lTabs

It is the most beautiful and the simplest add-on that makes each tab a different color that you opened and make it easier to distinguish from other tabs. You can even choose a distinguish color for each tab.

Bookmark Tools:

Bookmark Tools

1- Bookmarks Checker:

Bookmarks Checker

Bookmarks Checker prevents your bookmarks from bad links, empty folders, duplicates and other possible errors by scanning your Firefox bookmarks.

2- Bookmarks Preview:

Bookmarks Preview

Bookmarks preview is a helpful add-on which shows you the page content of a link before opening that bookmark in your tab. The add-on show you all the list of all links.

3- Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar:

Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar

The add-on gives you the option of hide, auto hide and display the icons in your bookmarks toolbar.

Note-Capturing Tools:

1- Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web Clipper

This add-on enables you to clip all your bookmark pages and articles and save them in Evernote on the Web or on your mobile device.

2- Pocket:

Firefox Pocket

Pocket is a beautiful and easier add-on which save all your content you find on the Web. You can simply save all your content and watch them later on any device.

3- Pushbullet:

Pushbullet provides you the facility of syncing and accessing all your data and information from anywhere.

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