WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular and widely downloaded applications in the world for Android enabled smartphones. WhatsApp Messenger uses your WiFi or 3G connection to send and receive messages to and from your friends and family members for free. WhatsApp also let you make video calls, send MMS, Pictures, audio notes to anyone in the world.

Main Features of WHATSAPP:

WhatsApp Messenger APK Free Download

No Hidden Charges: 

WHATSAPP doesn't cost you any hidden charges. Once you have installed it on your smartphone you can make unlimited calls and send undefined number of SMS to your friends.

Multimedia Messenger: 

WHATSAPP play a role of multimedia messenger for its users. Its enables you to make video calls, send messages, images and notes to your contacts.

No International Charges:

With WhatsApp installed on your smartphone you can send messages and makes calls to your friends and family member without any extra charges.

WhatsApp Doesn’t Require User and Passwords:

Like other social media apps WhatsApp doesn’t require user name and password. It integrates with your phone address book and phone number.

No Need to Re-add Contacts:

After installation WhatsApp uses your existing contacts details to make calls or sms so no need to add every contact separately.

Offline Messages:

The most unique feature of WhatsApp is that If your smartphone is turned off or having no access to internet it will save your messages and notifications so you can retrieve it latter.

 Download latest version of WhatsApp Messenger below: 

File name: WhatsApp apk
Version: 2.12.259
File size: 22.63 MB

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